Common Elements of Board Games

The place on which the game takes place.


Present almost in all board games. Usually moved through spaces on the board.

Detailed Pawns

Adventure games can have very detailed figures to add climate.


Common. Used to mark resources, actions, victory points, units, buildings, anything really. Usually cardboard, but wooden ones are not rare.


A cube with engraved number on each face, from 1 to 6. Extremely common in games, usually used for deciding movement or some kind of power. Using 2 dice in a roll introduces probability dynamics.

Complex Dice

More complicated games can have custom dice, with 4, 8, 16 and more faces. Dice can show letters or symbols instead of numbers


Used interchangeably with tokens as characters, resources, events etc. Some board games use cards for everything. Even the board itself can be built with cards.


Used to limit time for answering a question or solving a puzzle. Common in quiz games. Usually 1,2 or 3 minutes.

Wheel of Choice

The player spins the wheel which usually has some words or numbers on it. As a result he gets some reward or penalty, or maybe a task.