The Board Game of the MyGrant METAMORPHOSIS project

The board game is called MyChallenge and is one of the tools offered by the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS project. In parallel to the vast development of online games and consoles, within the last years we have observed that board games experience a welldeserved renaissance. It reflects in European statistics on the purchase of board games as well as individual observation of P2, who gets more and more commissions year by year. Playrooms, cafes where people can meet and play, board-game rentals are increasingly popular. Even the education and training sector make use of board games to convey educational content.

In the context of the MYgrant METAMORPHOSIS project a board game is a tool for intercultural education, on the one hand conveying information about different cultures and on the other hand it ensures interactions, requires efforts to build common understanding, enable to observe emotions and reactions and learn about each other. This output introduces the concepts of informal learning and edutainment to the holistic approach to youth work with migrants.

The board game MyChallenge is both a tool for youth workers and the tool for young people themselves, to entertain and learn about themselves and each other in the intercultural environment. The board game may be used by informal groups of young people in the youth centres as well as a training tool in the intercultural workshops.

You can download all elements of MyChallenge on our project page!