InstructorMGM Team
TypeOnline Course
DateJan 1, 2021 - Jan 1, 2030

Comics Workshop

This workshop is part of the MyGrant METAMORPHOSIS project. The following material can be used in addition to the “Music Workshop Scenario” in the MGM Handbook.

Comics, cartoons and caricatures are a good way to explore stereotyped perceptions of other cultures. The following lessons will show how to make use of comics in educational and intercultural settings.

Section 1Introduction to Comics
Lecture 1Comis as an Educational Tool
Lecture 2Creativity and Imagination
Lecture 3The Importance of Colors
Lecture 4Introduction to Drawing
Section 2Energizer and Inspiration
Lecture 5Example Energizer
Lecture 6Inspiration
Section 3Interview and Conclusion
Lecture 7Interview with Diego Fichera
Lecture 8Conclusion
Section 4Final Quiz