InstructorMGM Team
TypeOnline Course
DateJan 1, 2021 - Jan 1, 2030

Cooking Workshop

This workshop is part of the MyGrant METAMORPHOSIS project. The following material can be used in addition to the “Cooking Workshop Scenario” in the MGM Handbook.

Cooking is known to have a positive impact on people, starting from boosting our health and wellness, by preparing food to increase our energy and it also has the ability to alleviate stress. The following lessons will deal with cooking ideas and exercises which can be applied to educational and intercultural scenarios.

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Exercises
Lecture 2Exercise 1 - Mix & Match (Utensils)
Lecture 3Exercise 2 - Mix & Match (Ingredients)
Lecture 4Exercise 3 – Most Popular Ingredients
Lecture 5Exercise 4 – Typical Dishes
Section 3Energizer, Interviews and Portraits
Lecture 6Example Energizer
Lecture 7Interview with Labros Aggan Alhadid
Lecture 8Interview with a professional cook
Lecture 9Portraits: Salam Kitchen & elbēn
Section 4Tips, Facts and Conclusion
Lecture 10Tips for Cooking
Lecture 11Cooking Fun Facts
Lecture 12Conclusion & further reading
Section 5Final Quiz