Course Process

Cooking is known to have a positive impact on people, starting from boosting our health and wellness, by preparing food to increase our energy and it also has the ability to alleviate stress.

It can expand our minds, as learning how to cook is a good way to help us understand other cultures, customs and flavors. The whole process, from deciding what to cook, cooking and cleaning afterwards is a great way of developing our planning, preparation and life skills in general, as well as boosting our self-esteem. We might not be aware of that, but we practice subjects like science, reading and math, while preparing a meal. Besides all that, cooking is also a helpful way of building bonds with family and friends and socialize.

Cooking in Workshops, except of offering all the aforementioned benefits of cooking, are a great way of enhancing our cooking techniques, discovering new products and also meeting people that are interested in the same topic. If the Workshops are integrated in an intercultural environment, communicating with people with different cultural background, helps to increase cultural awareness.

By being introduced to food from other cultures and traditions, our sensitivity and understanding of cultural differences are enhanced and we also learn words from other languages that can be helpful when communicating with foreign colleagues and friends. Finally, ethnic food can be used as an agent of social change, by helping to build, promote, and improve intercultural relations.

If you would like to get inspired and cook something international have a look at this article: