Writing is both a manual act and a creative act, and the writer must be a skilled master of his craft.

But… what is Creative writing?

Creative writing is anything where the purpose is to express thoughts, feelings and emotions rather than to simply convey information.

Creative writing is that particular form of writing that goes beyond technical-professional writing and involves the whole dynamic of thought.

Creative writing includes the writing of novels, short stories, novellas, fairy tales, fables and poems and has no practical use.

Artistic writing is above all a dimension of being, it is an expression of the self: when the writer invents stories, characters and creates worlds, they always put a part of their own inner world into them.

The creative writer also often writes to research themselves, to fill existential gaps, to discover their own journey.

We write to investigate and explore our creativity, our emotionality, our talent and our unique worldview.

Writing is a discovery. Working on a short story, we may discover that the story we really wanted to tell was not at all what we thought it was. It is often the case that you start with a plot in your head and then the story veers off in a completely different direction, leaving the true theme of the story to emerge.

The creative writers evoke images, smells, tastes, thoughts, words, stimulates the reader’s senses, tries to involve them in the story and above all try to succeed in the arduous task of keeping the suspension of disbelief high until the end of the story itself.

The writers of a work of fiction must have the power to create entire realities, moods and feelings from scratch. Their words will be able to evoke mental images and make inroads into the reader’s imagination.