InstructorMGM Team
TypeOnline Course
DateJan 1, 2021 - Jan 1, 2030
Student Enrolled2

Performance Workshop

This workshop is part of the MyGrant METAMORPHOSIS project. The following material can be used in addition to the “MYStage Performance Workshop Scenario” in the MGM Handbook.

Everybody knows the benefits of theatre: it helps developing your self-confidence,imagination, concentration or social skills. The following lessons will showcase ways to use performance art as a means to communicate ideas and to become sensitive to our surroundings.

Section 1Theatre workshop introduction
Lecture 1Introduction of the workshop leader
Lecture 2Introduction of the participants
Section 2Warm-Up
Lecture 3Noise circle
Section 3Theatre theory
Section 4Topic discussion incl. brainstorming
Lecture 6Theme Presentation
Lecture 7Brainstorming
Lecture 8Presentation of the results
Section 5Setting up a performance
Lecture 9Independently develop/rewrite scenarios
Lecture 10Participatory staging of the scenes
Lecture 11Performance
Lecture 12Evaluation/ Criticism
Lecture 13Conclusion
Section 6Final Quiz