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Interview with Marzena Galka

Elementary school music teacher, Graduate of Cracow Music Academy

My name is Marzena. I come from a family of musical tradition – in my house everyone played and sang. I’ve always been surrounded with music and singing. I’ve been teaching music in elementary schools for decades.

What do you like doing? What is your passion?

Apart from teaching my passion is leading a choir, which name is Choir for Jesus. Beside music I love to read books and dance.

What do you do?

I introduce little people into the world of music. I show them how they can play with sounds, how they can create music and have fun with it.

How important is music in your life?

Music has always been with me. It is my way of life. Thanks to it I’ve met a lot of people. Mutual music-making gives me plenty of joy and satisfaction.

Can anyone sing? How to begin?

Anyone can sing, but not anyone can listen to it. How to begin? Take a deep breath and utter a sound. Persons who are unsure of themselves can start singing alone, for example while shaving. Unfortunately a lot of people think that they can’t sing and it’s not true. A lot of people carry within themselves plenty of unnecessary inferiority complexes. You have to be brave. Then you can record yourself and listen to your singing and remember that your voice is much prettier in reality unless you have professional recording equipment. It’s best to start singing your favourite songs.

How do you start your musical work?

I don’t have a clear-cut answer to this. Work with children is too unpredictable.

What role, do you think, music fulfils in human life?

I think people take too little from the music, from what it gives us. Music is very close to us but we rarely pay attention to it. Well-selected music can influence our well-being, can motivate us, calm us down, irritate us and induce various emotions. Music can improve our communication, help us get rid of negative emotions, which causes stress reduction. It influences the quality of our life. And it doesn’t require any special education. Anyone can take advantage of it.

What kind of music do you like and why?

I like nearly every kind of good, according to me, music. I don’t have a favourite genre.

How can music help others and why?

In integration, communication, improving the quality of life, breaking free of one’s inferiority complex, in various rehabilitation programs, in overcoming barriers, in expressing oneself, in awaking creativity, cooperating in a group, in secreting endorphine, improving the quality of life, strengthening one’s self-esteem.

Where do you get the inspiration and will to sing/do music/conduct/compose/write/teach?

To me the drive is the people. It is they who inspire me. I merely observe, watch and create. If I see, that what I’ve come up with is enjoyable to others, then all the more I get inspiration injection.

How to discover a musical talent in oneself?

One has to look a bit more friendly at oneself. See if singing gives one joy. If we want to do something, then let’s do it. And let’s leave big talent to the professionals.

How to encourage people to singing?

Sing yourself, sing and sing. When someone sees a singing, joyful man, they will want to sing, too.

How to use music for integration?

Singing in the group teaches respect for another person. Everyone has the same rights. One has to learn to wait their turn and listen to another man. A group of singers create a single work. That unites.

Thanks for a great interview!