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Kyle Reyes

Filipino, 20 years old, male
5 May 2021

Kyle Reyes

I feel that Greece is my first home right now

When did you come to Greece and at what age?

I came here to Greece when I was 8 and a half years old.

What were the conditions in your country that led you to come to Greece?

I came to Greece because my parents were living here and they wanted me to be with them.

Was your access to our country smooth or difficult? Briefly describe your experience.

I don’t remember very well because I was still so young, but I think it was kind of difficult because it took a lot of time to have a residence permit in Greece

How was your life during the first time of your presence in Greece?

The first time of my presence in Greece it felt very different from the Philippines. The environment here is way more peaceful than the one there.

Did you find a home and a job easily?

Thankfully, I have a home thanks to my parents and I found a job, after I finished college.

Did you speak Greek before you came? If not, how did you overcome the language barriers?

I didn’t know how to speak Greek before I came to Greece. Luckily, I was still young and I went to a Filipino school here, where they were teaching us the Greek language.

The Greeks have been famous since antiquity for their hospitality. Is this rumor considered to be in line with today’s reality? How did the Greeks treat you when you first came?

I was fortunate enough that the boss of my parents at that time helped them financially so that I could come and live here with them. I was welcome like a part of their family. Greeks have always been really kind and helpful to me through all the years I’ve lived here.

Has the rise of the far right in Greece in recent years affected you? Have you ever felt fear of being targeted?

Luckily, I have never been targeted, so it has never affected me in any way.

How is your life here today? Are you happy? Did you achieve your goal by coming here?

I am very happy and I am very blessed with my life right now. I am reaching my goals in Greece, one-step at a time, but I am still far away from achieving it.

Tell us a few words about your current professional situation and how you got to it.

I am currently a cook at a quick-service restaurant and I am happy that I can help the restaurant in every way. I studied culinary arts and made an effort every time at class so that I could finally take my degree and help my family financially.

What advice would you give to a new immigrant/refugee who will come to Greece? What should s/he watch out for?

My advice would be that you should always stay positive in whatever happens and always be alert for new opportunities.

Do you feel Greece as your second home? If you had the opportunity, would you return to your homeland?

I feel that Greece is my first home right now and If I had the opportunity to return in my homeland, I think would go back just for vacation, rather than staying permanently.

What do you miss about your homeland?

I miss family members that are still in the Philippines, but I am hopeful that I will see them really soon. And of course, I really miss eating traditional Filipino food.